“A man on his element” – The New York Times                   @rafaelnadal 

Rafael Nadal falls to his back in disbelief and excitement after dominating the court last week against Dominic Thiem. He captured his 12th career French open single’s title and remains 12-0 in the finals at Roland Garros, ranking No. 2 in men’s singles by the ATP.  

Nadal may be a well-known and highly praised player in the tennis world judging by his stats, but that’s not the case outside the world of tennis superstars. Nadal told The New York Times, “It’s a motivation, but it’s not my obsession. You need to have qualities, luck, physical attributes, and a long enough career to accomplish something like I did.” 

Stepping off the court, Nadal has played an active role in many of our Citi Taste of Tennis events over the years. Fortunately, we get to experience his humble and vibrant personality whether he’s cooking with Food Network’s Marcus Samuelsson, or taking pictures with his fans.

Look out for him in Roland Garros again next year, will anyone be able to break this outstanding streak? In the meantime, join us in getting to know other tennis superstars like Nadal at #CitiTasteofTennis in DC on July 29th!