What could he be cooking up for #CitiTasteofTennis D.C.? We can’t wait to find out! 

Imagine traveling across the world to not only experience, but taste and embrace the Indian culture without having to physically make the journey. We are joining forces with Chef Jaspratap Bindra, who goes by “Jassi”, at Punjab Grill to expose his unique and multicultural cooking style that’s spiced with traditional Indian cuisine flavors from his childhood.  

With the goal of changing the perception of Indian cuisine, Chef Jassi beat out two other chefs from Michelin star restaurants to bring his whimsical twists and interpretations to us through dishes like the Peking Duck. 

Carved table side and peppered with Chef Jassi’s own blend of spices and marinades, this Chinese delicacy is transformed into a dish paired with sides like crunchy pickles, a tart tamarind duck sauce, and fresh hand-crafted naan. 

Want your taste buds to experience something unlike they have before? Don’t miss Chef Jassi in D.C. for this year’s Citi Taste of Tennis on July 29th! 

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